Life Drawing for Animators

The life drawing club meets twice a week and is managed by senior students in the Commercial Animation program at Capilano University (formerly Capilano College).

Friday, April 15, 2011

End of Sessions!

Hey everyone!

I am really sorry that I am posting this super last minute (prep for gradshow has taken up much of my time) but because it is no longer economical to continue holding sessions (students will no longer be going due to end of classes) we will be suspending life drawing until later in the summer.

Basically, drop in sessions for life drawing have now ENDED. Friday April 15th and Monday April 18th sessions have been CANCELLED.

However, the blog will be updated later on with info concerning the new life drawing drop in dates and times this summer.

Sorry again for the last minute post!



Blogger Paul-Christian Hansen. said...

June 30, 2011

Capilano University
Life Drawing Club

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am a life-drawing model of considerable experience and I would like to be considered for employment by you club. I started doing this work at the University of Calgary® in the 1990's and continued to do so at the University of Sydney® (AUS) for a total of 7 years.

In addition, I have been working at the Basic Inquiry Studio® in 2009 with about 1 booking per month. Since last year I have also been working at Capilano University®, Kwantlen University®, Langara College®, BLIM®, Richmond Parks/Recreation, Opus Framing and Art Supplies®, the Heritage Life Drawing Group and the North Vancouver Community Arts Council.

I have participated, in the past, in such sports as competitive cross-country skiing, small-bore rifle and trap shooting and have derived a number of interesting poses from them.

My telephone number is (604) 649-6221. Naturally, you can also send messages to my E-mail account.

Thank you for considering me.

I remain,

Yours truly,

P-C Hansen, M.Phil


3:19 PM  

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